Technical FAQ

Getting started

How do I register my tablet?

To register your tablet, follow the video below. If you experience any difficulties with the registration process, contact us at

What is the licence key for?

The unique licence key supplied with your system is used during the tablet registration process to create your personal account for Grass-Guide. This also allows you to upload your data to Grass-Guide Online. The licence key is associated with the serial number on your product box for traceability. Once you register your system, we recommend holding on to your licence key for reference in case of issues later on e.g. if you lose your tablet, you can still access your account data by registering a new tablet with your licence key (other steps are involved - please contact Sixty-5 in the case of loss or damage to any of your system components at

How do I set up the system on my tractor?

Follow these steps to make sure that your system hardware is set up correctly: 1. Attach the RAM Mount suction cup and cradle together with the clamp in the middle. Then place the suction cup tightly against window or non-porous surface then turn the clip from Off to On to create a vacuum. 2. Pull the sliding side of the RAM Mount outwards and insert the tablet. Keep the Samsung logo to the left-hand side so that the app is shown correctly. 3. Plug the micro USB charging lead into the tablet. 4. Plug the opposite, larger connector on the micro USB charging lead into the twin port USB car charger. Then connect the car charger to your vehicle's 12/24V electrical socket. 5. Connect receiver to GPS wiring loom using the appropriate plug and connect the three-pin power plug into the vehicle's 12V power outlet. Additional wiring allows for a simulated radar and NMEA output stream - for general purposes this should be disregarded. Contact your selling agent if you have specific use-case questions. 6. Secure the receiver to the cab roof, preferably along the vehicle's centreline. If the roof is non-magnetic, use the mounting kit provided (i.e. metal plate and sticky pads). 7. After startup the receiver should have an unobstructed view of the sky for at least 5 minutes, this is best practice. If you experience any difficulties with hardware set up, please email for help.

Do I need to buy anything else or is Grass-Guide a complete system?

All the hardware needed to run Grass-Guide or Grass-Guide 2 comes in the box. Here's a video outlining the components in the product: Remember that the Screen Kit contains fewer components than the full Grass-Guide system as it is designed to be used with your existing Leica GPS receiver and GPS power loom. Our Screen Kit video gives an overview of the parts that come with the Screen Kit. Contact us if you have any questions about your Grass-Guide box or for replacements for any component, at

App & Updates

How do I check that I'm on the latest version of the app?

We ask users to check regularly for app updates. These contain bug fixes to keep your system stable and new product features. Update your app in the app's Settings tab as shown in the video below. Updates don't need a passcode - if an 'Enter Passcode' field pops up be sure you're tapping the circular arrows icon to the left of 'Tap for updates', not the 'gear' icon on the right. If you experience any issues with updating, such as error messages, get in touch us at

How do I restart the app?

If your Grass-Guide or Grass-Guide 2 app is behaving unexpectedly, first try to restart the app by following this video or the steps below:

  • Press the 'recent apps' button on the Android tablet.
  • Your app will be visible among a list of all the recent apps, swipe the app icon up.
  • After the app has been stopped, restart the app by tapping the app icon from the tablet home screen.
If the app continues to behave unexpectedly after an initial restart:
  • On a further restart of the app, press and hold down on the image of the app. A menu will appear, next tap 'App info'.
  • Tap the 'Force stop' button to completely shutdown the app.
  • It is now possible to restart the app by tapping the GG2 icon in the Android home screen.
Contact Sixty-5 via if the restarting the app does not solve your issue.

My Grass-Guide / Grass-Guide 2 app isn't working

In cases where the app repeatedly shows unexpected behaviour, it's wise to try a few steps first before contacting Sixty-5. These are listed in the order that they should be attempted: 1. Check that you are using the most updated version of the app. Check out our FAQ on updating to the latest version, or watch the video below: 2. Restart the app. If the issue persists, follow the force stop process - both are shown in the video How to: Restart the App below. 3. If still experiencing issues, take a screenshot - shown below - and escalate to 4. OPTIONAL: Sixty-5 may ask you to activate the diagnostics capability within the app, explained below.

Grass-Guide Online

The date / start time for my job is wrong

If you notice that information for jobs such as dates or times seem to be incorrect, you may need to set your timezone in the portal.

To do this:

  • Go to Menu and click on Preferences
  • Choose your country from the dropdown then choose the timezone
  • Click on the Update Preferences button
  • A message will display on the Home page saying that Preferences have been successfully updated.
If the timezone is set correctly but the issue persists, contact us at

I own two Grass-Guides. How can I see which jobs were completed on each system?

Users can buy more than one Grass-Guide or Grass-Guide 2 system in order to record data from different machines working at the same time. Data from multiple Grass-Guides can be stored in the same Grass-Guide Online account if desired.
Users can label each licence key, and thereby each Grass-Guide or Grass-Guide 2 unit, that they've registered with Sixty-5 in the 'Preferences' section of their Grass-Guide Online portal.

  • Once logged in to the portal, on the top right, users should click on Menu.
  • Choose Preferences from the drop-down. This will show the unit of measurement currently being used for treated area and boundary area, and will display a list of the user's license keys.
  • Click the tablet name column to label each licence key as the user prefers.
You can now filter which jobs you would like to view by using the tablet selector dropdown at the top of the screen. Contact if you have any further issues.

How do I print or export my job information?

There are a few short steps to allow you to print or export files:

  • In Grass-Guide Online, click View Job. A map will pop up showing the treatment applied.
  • Below the map you will see a button to print the job.
  • Click Print - you will be directed to a print preview page.
  • Once happy with the preview showing treatment data, job notes and paddock information, click Print Operation Now.
  • A dialogue appears asking you to select the printer to use. Alternatively you can print / export your job as a pdf file.
Need any help? Get in touch at

Some jobs aren't showing in the Grass-Guide Online portal

If you can't see all your jobs in Grass-Guide Online, check whether your files have been synced correctly from the tablet to the cloud. This can be done by checking the Files tab in the app. If you can still see your job files on your tablet, they have not synced to the cloud. Visit an area with WiFi connection, and repeat the upload process. The process is the same for Grass-Guide and Grass-Guide 2. Here's a video showing how: If your files aren't in the cloud OR under the Files tab, contact us at

I can't log in to Grass-Guide Online

Your password for Grass-Guide Online is different to the information you used when registering your tablet. Users are sent a temporary Grass-Guide Online password by email as soon as they register their tablet.

Your steps to log in will depend on whether you successfully logged into the Grass-Guide Online portal in the past.

Never logged in? Search the inbox of the email account that you used to register the tablet.

  • When you registered your tablet, Sixty-5 sent an automated email with your first portal password.

  • Remember to check your SPAM folder

    • If you find the email, use this information to login and set a new password

    • If you can’t find the email, get in touch with Sixty-5 at

Logged in OK in the past? If you've simply forgotten your password, at the login section simply click on 'Forgot your password?' and enter your registered email address.

  • This sends a verification link to your email to create a new password

  • Check out from 0.45 of this video for guidance:

If you still can't login, clear the cache and cookies of the browser you're using to login (instructions for each browser are available via Google Search). Email us at if these tips don't resolve your login issue.

What is Grass-Guide Online?

The Sixty-5 cloud portal, or Grass-Guide Online, is a separate website where you can login to view the operations or 'jobs' you completed using Grass-Guide or Grass-Guide 2. Grass-Guide Online can be accessed on the tablet or via any device such as a laptop that has internet access. All information in the portal comes from the app on the tablet - jobs are uploaded when your bring the tablet into a WiFi area. Before upload, you can view these in the Files tab in the app. The benefit of Grass-Guide Online is that all of your job data is saved permanently in the cloud and can be labelled or edited once you've completed your jobs. You can also print or export job information which saves admin time when reporting or undertaking compliance tasks. Watch this video to learn more about Grass-Guide Online functionality: To access your Grass-Guide Online account, type into your browser while connected to the internet. Your Grass-Guide Online login information was emailed to you when you registered your tablet - you will find it in the inbox of the email account used to register the tablet.

Tablet Care

Why can't I download the app to my own device?

Sixty-5 has developed the Grass-Guide and Grass-Guide 2 apps for use only with the models of tablet provided with the system. This is to ensure that the functionality is robust and that updates and new releases can be deployed successfully, minimising any effects on farmers. Sixty-5 uses a Samsung tablet which is easy to navigate. You can also use the tablet for other purposes. More details about Samsung products are available from

My tablet won't charge

There could be a few reasons why your tablet isn't charging:

  • Try a new or alternative charging cable - in case the original cable issued has been damaged through wear and tear
  • Check whether the tablet charges when it's not in use - if so, you might be running other apps that draw too much power. Close down other apps that aren't in use
  • Check the charging connector on the tablet for signs of wear or damage - if you have tried to insert the micro-USB charger the wrong way around by force may permanently damage the tablet's charging port
For more help, contact if the issue persists.

File transfer isn't working

To upload files to your Grass-Guide Online portal, your tablet needs to be connected to WiFi. Double-check you have a connection by opening the browser on your tablet and trying to display any webpage (e.g. If this works, then file transfer should occur once the File Transfer button is pushed from the Files tab on the tablet. Here's a video on how to transfer your files: Even if you don't often use Grass-Guide Online, it's important to regularly transfer files from the tablet to keep the app running smoothly. If you see continued issues with file transfer, get in touch with Sixty-5 at

How do I register my tablet?

To register your tablet, follow the video below: If you experience any difficulties with the registration process, contact us at

GPS Care

The orange GPS light keeps flashing

The orange (middle) satellite indicator light on the GPS receiver will flash while the receiver is searching for satellites and will become stable only once it has acquired sufficient satellites to get a position.

If the orange light keeps flashing, check that you're outdoors and in a location free from obstacles such as high buildings and trees or in an open area. If you need more help, email

The GPS receiver is listed but won't pair with the tablet

If you can see your receiver among the list of devices when you try to pair it from your tablet but you're having issues connecting to the GPS via Bluetooth, try these steps:

  • On the tablet go to Settings -> Bluetooth to see if the receiver is already paired.
    • If so, unpair this by hitting the gear icon in the list of paired devices shown in Settings -> Bluetooth.
    • Go through the discovery and pairing process again. Here's a video on how to pair the devices:
If this fails, power the tablet and receiver ON/OFF and try again. Contact Sixty-5 via if the issue persists.

I can't see my GPS receiver in the list of devices when I try to pair

Follow the process in the video or in writing below to pair your GPS and tablet:

After the tablet searches for nearby devices you should see your receiver in the list (e.g. AGSTAR-XXXX). If this is not the case after at least 5 failed attempts:

  • Check that the receiver is powered-up

  • Check that the receiver is close by (within 3m)

  • Check that there is no electrical interference around the vehicle cab

If you still can't see your receiver, power both the tablet and receiver ON/OFF and try again. Contact if you're unable to find your GPS receiver after a few attempts.

I changed my GPS receiver - how do I get started again?

If you have changed receiver for any reason, the new receiver will need to be paired to your tablet. On the main menu go to Settings -> 'Register GPS'. Follow the process as described in the Handbook or as shown in the video below: Reach out to us at with any problems.


I keep losing Bluetooth connection while driving

If you frequently lose your Bluetooth connection while Grass-Guide is running, follow these steps:

  • Check that the receiver is powered-up
  • Check that the receiver is close by (within 3m)
  • Check that there is no electrical interference around the vehicle cab
If this is a recurring problem, escalate to Sixty-5 via

Why has the GPS light on the app screen turned to orange?

The GPS light will go orange on the app screen when the GPS satellite signal is temporarily lost (usually due to obstructions such as buildings or trees).

In this case, the receiver will make a judgement about your position which will keep the app running. Eventually, if a signal can't be acquired, your position will be lost. The signal should return once you drive away from the obstruction.

If you're experiencing issues with this feature, email for help.

The GPS light on the app screen is stuck on red

If the GPS light on your app stays red this suggests that data isn't being transmitted by the receiver. Go through these standard checks first:

  • Check the receiver is powered-up
  • Check the receiver is close by (within 3m)
  • Check there is no electrical interference around the vehicle cab
  • Check both the receiver red power light and orange satellite light are on and stable (the green tick light doesn't need to be on)
If the above have all been checked and found to be ok, force stop the app and restart as shown in the video below. If you have changed receiver for any reason, the new receiver will need to be paired to the tablet. On the main menu go to Settings -> 'Configure GPS'. For more help, contact Sixty-5 at