Grass-Guide Screen Kit - £625 + VAT

Do you still have a working GPS receiver from your Leica mojoMINI (first version)? 

You can own Grass-Guide software for a fraction of the price of a full Grass-Guide or system by connecting our Grass-Guide Screen Kit to your own Leica GPS receiver via Bluetooth. You'll also need your own power loom - or you can buy one from us separately if needed. 


Watch the video above to find out whether your receiver is compatible with our Grass-Guide Screen Kit, and call us today or buy online.

Is your Leica screen in need of repair?

You can use our Grass-Guide Screen Kit with your own working Leica GPS from your mojoMINI system as long as your GPS shows a B for Bluetooth as part of the model number. This appears on the base of your GPS receiver.

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