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Grass-Guide Screen Kit

Do you still have a working GPS receiver from your Leica mojoMINI (first version)? 

You can own Grass-Guide software for a fraction of the price of a full Grass-Guide or system by connecting our Grass-Guide Screen Kit to your own Leica GPS receiver via Bluetooth. You'll also need your own power loom - or you can buy one from us separately if needed. 


Watch the video above to find out whether your receiver is compatible with our Grass-Guide Screen Kit, and call us today or buy online.

Contact us for prices or to find your nearest dealer.

Is your Leica screen in need of repair?

You can use our Grass-Guide Screen Kit with your own working Leica GPS from your mojoMINI system as long as your GPS shows a B for Bluetooth as part of the model number. This appears on the base of your GPS receiver.

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