Easy-to-use tractor guidance and proof of placement for grass-based farms

Farmers face constant pressure to finish treatments during good weather, save on inputs like fertiliser and record what’s been done.

Grass-Guide is an easy-to-use tractor GPS system for busy grassland farmers. 
Sixty-5’s solution increases your efficiency by minimising over-application and waste, and automatically stores operation data for full traceability.

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    Drive your way

    You know your fields best. Drive your own way, following Grass-Guide’s virtual field markers to keep tight to your projected path.

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    Flexible guideline options

    Tailor your settings to loop a boundary, set A:B lines for next-pass accuracy or simply show an implement width. It’s your choice.

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    One-touch operation

    Hit one central button on the screen to start and stop placement mapping while driving, to match your treatment application.

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    Accurate to under 30cm

    Grass-Guide’s Ag-Star™ GPS is guaranteed accurate to within 15-30cm, as per manufacturer NovAtel’s tests.

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    1-year hardware warranty

    Grass-Guide’s industry-leading hardware, by brands including NovAtel and Samsung, has a 1-year warranty from date of purchase.

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    Free software updates

    Grass-Guide technology is app-based, so you benefit from regular, free feature updates and fixes at no extra cost.

Save Time
Grass-Guide Online

Buying Grass-Guide gives you free, unlimited access to your own farm management portal Grass-Guide Online. By tapping to transfer your job files from the Grass-Guide app, your field treatment data is stored for field management and future traceability. Your data is accessible via your private login, belongs to you, is never shared without your permission, and is permanently available to you for print and download.

Watch this video to learn more!

Note: branded treatment specification option shown applies to Grass-Guide 2 users only.

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