Grass-Guide: Easy-to-use GPS guidance and proof of placement for grass-based farms

Farmers face constant pressure to complete weather-dependent jobs in good time, save on inputs such as fertiliser and record what’s been done for traceability. Grass-Guide is an easy-to-use tractor GPS solution designed for the busy farmer who does not need the complication of farm technology but requires an easy to use tool to help them be more efficent in the field by reducing fertiliser over application and waste.


Save Fertiliser, Fuel & Time

With the tractor GPS coverage mapping feature, you’ll see where you’ve been and you’ll see where you need to drive with the virtual field markers. Finish the field and simply move onto the next field by a simple press of a button. When the field operation is complete view the details overlaid on google earth(TM) on the free to view Grass-Guide online farm management portal.


  • One Button Operation
  • Ease of Use
  • Bluetooth GPS Connection
  • Easy to Set-Up & Move
  • Automatic Field Treatment Recording

App based Tractor GPS Guidance

Because Grass-Guide is an App, an investment in the solution does not go out of date, benefit from routine upgrades and product enhancements delivered by a customer focused team meaning an investment in Sixty-5 is a partnership for your future agricultural efficency needs.


  • In House Development Team
  • Proprietary Software Code
  • Continual R & D
  • Proven Hardware
  • Simple Upgrade Path



Quality Hardware

The success of Grass-Guide depends on the quality of hardware. Grass-Guide is supplied with a market leading and tested Tractor GPS / Glonass receiver from Novatel and 7″ Android tablets from Samsung each coming with their own manufacturer warranty for your piece of mind.


  • 7″ Screen Size
  • Samsung Tab 4 Android Tablet WiFi
  • NovAtel Ag-Star GPS/Glonass Receiver
  • 10Hz Operation
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 15-30cm Pass-to-Pass Accuracy

Automatic Cloud Sync

Grass-Guide Online

Your purchase of Grass-Guide includes automatic access to our dedicated cloud farm management portal Grass-Guide Online that stores your field treatment data for traceability records and field management. This farm data belongs to you and is never shared without your permission.

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