User Testimonials

Check out what our customers have to say about Sixty-5’s Grass-Guide solution below and in our case study video.

Grass-Guide is a great job for fertiliser and spraying. It’s really easy to use, it lets me get fertiliser onto the silage ground when it’s bare and I can see clearly what I’ve done. Unlike other systems I have seen, there’s no set up at the headland needed, once I’m in the field I just push one button to get started.

The automatic boundary mapping feature is really useful because it shows me the total area of the field and the area covered on the first run round, this gives me the confidence to know I have set the spreader right with the correct amount of fertiliser. I would now not work without it!’

Seamus McManus, Swatragh

‘We’re saving up to 1.5 acres of spray per tank on our sprayer, previously we only got 4 acres out of our tank but it’s now stretching to over 5 acres by reducing overlap errors, saving us 20%.

I’m also now able to continue working into darkness, so I would definitely recommend Grass-Guide to my neighbours.’

– William McFarland, Ballygawley

‘Our contractor team now have the confidence to spread fertiliser at 24 metres wide due to the accuracy of Grass-Guide, there’s no way we could work without it now. We’re also using it to increase our efficiency in raking grass at silage by reducing our overlap. Going forwards we hope to use it in conjunction with our umbilical system and dribble bar so that we can work beyond daylight hours.’

– G. Ramage & Son, Bushmills