About Sixty-5

Built on the vision of a technical revolution in agriculture.

Sixty-5; founded by John Arrell,  was born out of his passion for combining technology and agriculture and deep seated belief that farmers need technology to be easy to use and the data should be there to aid decision support for their greater farm profitability. John has over 20 years of experience in the industry including 12 years working with the global leader in precision agriculture. He formed his own precision agriculture business in Ireland in 2011 and  it was the continued frustration of the technical complexity of the existing products that inspired him to create a great company and innovative products that enable the benefits of existing technology to be adopted by all farmers and not just large scale arable farming systems. John was joined by his technical co-founder Colin Mitchell in December 2014 which built the foundations of the company that exists today. Both John and Colin share the vision of how Sixty-5 will operate responsibly and contribute to the global challenge farmers face. Sixty-5’s core values align with values of traditional agriculture enterprises and differentiates the company from corporations within the sector that are driven by extracting maximum profit from the industry.


  • To be open, honest and operate with integrity.


  • To exceed expectations in product, service and support.

Driven and Dynamic

  • To face challenges head on, demonstrating tenacity to achieve goals.


  • To always challenge the status quo, focusing on solutions rather than problems.


  • To put team before self, supporting individuals to achieve collective goals.


  • To be optimistic, enthusiastic and operate with a positive inspirational attitude.
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