Grass-Guide FAQ

Why do I need a GPS for my tractor?

Even the best drivers are surprised by just how much they can both miss and overlap areas during fertiliser broadcasting, spraying and other tasks where it’s hard to judge what’s been done by eyesight alone. With the Grass-Guide tractor GPS system which can be tailored to implements of any width, you can be exact in your placement, avoid double application and reduce cost, without having to learn complicated software.

Grass-Guide has been shown to reduce input spend by an average of 20%; if you’re spending £15,000 on fertiliser a year you’ll recover the unit price within a season and drive your input costs to a minimum thereby increasing your bottom line.

Being accurate and not double dosing is just as important in terms of plant health as the monetary savings gained by not overlapping.

How accurate is Grass-Guide?

Grass-Guide’s NovAtel receiver gives a manufacturer guaranteed +/- 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy using both GPS and GLONASS satellites. Should the satellite connection be lost under trees for example NovAtel’s patented GL1DE technology will keep you going by learning and estimating your current path until reception is recovered.

How is Grass-Guide connected?

The GPS receiver and tablet in your Grass-Guide unit are connected to each other via Bluetooth. This means that Grass-Guide
works with minimal wiring in your cab and is easily transferred between vehicles.

Is it quick to set-up?

Yes. You can set-up everything you need to use Grass-Guide the first time in 5-10 minutes. We provide a clear handbook with the product.

After initial setup, it will take just 5 seconds for you to go from clicking the ‘65’ app to working your field, due to our revolutionary user interface design making the technology intuitive and easy-to-use allowing you to get on with your job.

Does Grass-Guide tell me how to drive?

Grass-Guide doesn’t make you drive the field in a certain way because we understand that you know the best way to drive, making allowances for features specific to the field or paddock you’re working on such as trees, hills, etc.

Instead, drive however works best for you and Grass-Guide will shade the areas you’ve done so that you can avoid leaving gaps. If helpful, you can use Grass-Guide to set a headland first, simply by driving around the outside of the area to be done. You can also set A:B guidance to follow which will create parallel lanes the width of your implement after just 3 seconds of driving.

What does Grass-Guide offer over other tractor GPS systems?

After two years of research and development, we’ve designed the only tractor GPS system specific to grassland.

Ease of use: Farmers have enough to do without taking time to learn and memorise functionality for another piece of equipment. Although you’ll use Grass-Guide again and again for a variety of jobs, we’ve made each function so intuitive so that you won’t need to learn the system before you can use it. We’ve also put a lot of effort into making sure we have everything included for grassland farmers, so no need to navigate through unnecessary tillage farmer features.

Reliability: the receiver that comes with Grass-Guide is manufactured by an industry-leading and ISO 9001:2008 certified company, NovAtel, and imported from Canada. This is paired with a tablet by Samsung, global information technology leader and Sixty-5’s proprietary, bespoke app to ensure a consistently reliable solution. If you have experience any issues with Grass-Guide, we offer free support by phone or email for the duration of your use of the product.

Reporting: every job that you complete with Grass-Guide is automatically stored in the cloud as soon as your tablet gets connected to WiFi. You can log into Grass-Guide Online, our portal, which provides for every job done:

* A satellite map of your coverage
* A date stamp for your job
* Details of the job including time taken and area covered
* Sections to label your job, name your field and add notes to the activity
* The option to print your activities for your records

This information is stored permanently in your private, login controlled section of Grass-Guide Online to track your jobs, providing proof of placement for compliance.

Free software updates: Grass-Guide software comes on as the form of an app, designed by our in-house software engineering team. We’re constantly refining Grass-Guide functionality based on user feedback, and you will have the benefit of receiving any updates we make to improve functionality ongoing, at no extra cost.

Can I download the Grass-Guide app to use on my own tablet or smartphone?

The Grass-Guide app is only available on Sixty-5 hardware, and comes pre-loaded on the tablet inside your box. The benefits of this are:

No compatibility problems – we designed the app specifically for your tablet
Get started straight away – you don’t need a Google Play or iTunes account
Take the tablet with you – you can use the tablet for any other purpose when you don’t have Grass-Guide on the tractor, unlike other hardware limited to usage as a GPS device
Failures don’t result in data loss – tablet failure within warranty; we’ll send you a new one and your data is safely stored in our cloud. Should anything happen to your tablet outside of warranty, we can easily replace it at market value

Are there ongoing subscription fees?

No. You only pay the upfront fee for Grass-Guide and all updates to the functionality that you purchased will be downloadable for free for the life of the product. Access to your data in Grass-Guide online is also included at no additional charge.

We plan to add extra chargeable services at a later date, but only on an opt-in basis. Even then, all functionality available in today’s Grass-Guide will remain free.

Where can I buy Grass-Guide?

At your local machinery dealer: We distribute Grass-Guide via a network of dealers across the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Check this map for your closest retailer.

Online: If you don’t have a dealer nearby, you can buy direct from Sixty-5’s online store. If you live outside these countries, please email before ordering so that we can facilitate your order correctly as taxes and delivery charges vary.

What warranties come with the product?

We offer a year’s warranty on Grass-Guide hardware. In the unlikely event that you experience a fault or a technical issue, simply call our support line on +44 2890 538 903 or email for help on what to do.

I bought my Grass-Guide last season, has anything changed?

We release updates on an ongoing basis – if you bought your product before then, make sure to open the Settings section in the app and hit Tap for Updates to make sure you’re using the latest version.

Watch this video on how to update the app.